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Processamento de imagens com python

Olá, tudo bem!? Na última semana de janeiro, ainda não tem data definida, vou falar sobre processamento de imagens com python e scikit-image no Grupy Blumenau. O notebook com o conteúdo da apresentação já está disponível no GitHub. Aparece por lá para conferir e trocar uma ideia :D... [Continue lendo]

Objectives and Key-Results (OKRs)

Vamos falar sobre desenvolvimento de software. Objectives and Key-Results (OKRs) são uma prática/framework/metodologia para definir objetivos, os Objectives, e definir resultados que indiquem o quão próximos estamos desses objetivos, os Key-Results. Essa prática não é um framework ágil como o Scrum/XP/Kanban, mas sim uma forma de alinhar os objetivos da empresa com todos os indivíduos e como cada um pode contribuir nesses objetivos. Com isso, é possível colocar o template padrão de OKRs:... [Continue lendo]

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  • Face Analysis in the Wild in SIBGRAPI'17

    Abstract: With the global demand for extra security systems, and the growing of human-machine interaction, facial analysis in unconstrained environments (in the wild) became a hot-topic in recent computer vision research. Unconstrained environments include surveillance footage, social media photos and live broadcasts. This type of images and videos include no control over illumination, position, size, occlusion, and facial expressions. Successful facial processing methods for controlled scenarios are unable to pledge with challenging circumstances... [Continue lendo]

  • AUMPNet: Simultaneous Action Units Detection and Intensity Estimation on Multipose Facial Images Using a Single Convolutional Neural Network in FG'17

    Abstract: This paper presents an unified convolutional neural network (CNN), named AUMPNet, to perform both Action Units (AUs) detection and intensity estimation on facial images with multiple poses. Although there are a variety of methods in the literature designed for facial expression analysis, only few of them can handle head pose variations. Therefore, it is essential to develop new models to work on non-frontal face images, for instance, those obtained from unconstrained environments. In order to cope with problems raised by pose variations, an unique CNN, based on region and multitask learning, is proposed for both AU detection and intensity estimation tasks... [Continue lendo]

  • Landmark-free smile intensity estimation in SIBGRAPI'16

    Abstract: Facial expression analysis is an important field of research, mostly because of the rich information faces can provide. The majority of works published in the literature have focused on facial expression recognition and so far estimating facial expression intensities have not gathered same attention. The analysis of these intensities could improve face processing applications on distinct areas, such as computer assisted health care, human-computer interaction and biometrics. Because the smile is the most common expression, studying its intensity is a first step towards estimating other expressions intensities... [Continue lendo]